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After many months of planning and evolution of ideas, Photography for a Change is pleased and honored to announce our first online show. I know, we all see these words accompanying any first show—“pleased or thrilled to announce” this or that-but the creativity and talent of my fellow photographers, and their generosity in supporting our two sponsored Boulder non-profits, really makes me beam with pride and enthusiasm.

Photography-For-A-Change: Simply broken down, this endeavor is about four Photographers (Dan Baumbach, Dana Bove, Bryce Bradford, and Lee Sie), their inspired vision of our natural environment, and the offering of all profits from art-quality prints to a choice of two Boulder non-profits that are manifesting Change. The really great thing, is that you the audience get to see an entirely new show every two months as we continually tap into the wealth of talented photographers, both local and around the country.

The Change component is brought to you by two very carefully selected non-profits: Western Resource Advocates, a regional environmental organization dedicated to protecting the West’s land, air and water, and Boulder Bridge House, whose mission is to address immediate survival needs of homeless and working poor individuals and provide resources which lead to employment, housing, personal stability, and healing.

So who is doing all the typing? Well, as a recently retired, professional research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), I was hoping it wouldn’t be me.  My name is Dana Bove, and write-ups for journals and other reports were my least favorite aspect of an incredibly rich and rewarding career with the USGS.  My career ranged from geologic mapping in the San Juan Mountains (CO) or near the Gila Wilderness (NM), to research on lead and toxic metal contamination in soils that resulted in health hazards in humans from dust inhalation.

Photography is a passion for me, and it has come on with a roar in the last few years, after dormancy from my college days (just a couple of years ago!).  As a relative newcomer to digital photography, one of my favorite photographers, and a huge source of inspiration is Dan Baumbach, who joins me in this first show. Check out more of Dan’s fantastic work at  Our local trio of photographers is rounded out by Bryce Bradford, who is one of the most inspired and talented individuals I know (  At the ripe young age of 21, Bryce has the eye and skill of a seasoned master, and the enthusiasm and drive of a grand prix racer on Red Bull. Striving to keep up with these two guys, I was absolutely floored when Lee Sie of San Diego ( agreed to become our first “guest” photographer.  Lee’s inspiration commonly emanates from his love of the ocean, and his images are great companions to many of our local images.

Please come and marvel at the fine and inspired photography presented on our site. If you are inspired to do so, purchase one of our prints.  You not only get a professional quality print from one of these talented artists, but all the profits from your purchase will be well utilized by the non-profit of your choice. We spent a lot of time and careful consideration in our selection of these two fantastic local non-profits. Check out their websites and I’m sure you will be equally pleased with our choices: Western Resource Advocates (, and Boulder Bridge House (

Please come and enjoy.


Coming up in our next blog! Many people are under the impression that it is quite expensive to frame a fine art print.  Next time, I’ll show you how to do this impeccably and for under $40. Stay tuned.